Inspire Me

On April 25 and 26, 2013 I was blessed to go to a one of a kind new youth forum at Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz for Science and Technology Center. The idea of this forum is to inspire people and motivate them that they also can succeed in their life just like other people did…

The speakers were a successful people who faced their challenges in life

First to speak was Ms. Layla Al-nahdi, then Ms. Hanan Al-qattan, and last but certainly not the least Ms. Hayat Sindi.

They all were an inspirational characters and personalities…

Unfortunately I have missed Ms. Layla Al-nahdi’s part, but all of the audience was amazed by her speech.

Ms. Hanan was wonderful on the way she spoke about how to be a person with a pure heart and how to forgive people every night before going to bed, and that forgiving makes you feel better and shows people the real you.

She also spoke about destinies, and how god tests us in life, mentioning a story about a man who had an accident and was left with one arm only…

After the doctors saved his life, he hated himself and yelled and the doctor “why did you saved me?” “What’s the point of living with one arm?” who’s going to take care of me?” the doctor looked at him and said: “ instead of complaining think of why did god let you live, this is a message from god and its up to you to discover what it is”…

The man was inspired by the doctor’s words and kept thinking for months on why god saved him and left him with one arm. And so he became a writer… he first started writing to the prisoners to entertain them and then he became a writer…

Ms. Hayat Sindi, was an indescribable person, she has a PhD from Cambridge (1995-2000) in Biological technology entitled “Studies on electromagnetic audio contemporary sensors”

BA in pharmacology with honor from Kings Collage in London

She memorized the Holly Qur’an while studying in London

She invented a device in a size of a mail stamp called “Mars” that helps to understand the chemistry of the human body and discover disease; in another way it’s a device that is able to analysis of fluid in the blood with a simple material cost.

The standing ovation that this Saudi Woman has received due to her astonishing accomplishments was wonderful… she’s a truly inspirational woman.

The next day was in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Khobar, and there were nine speakers; Abdualrhman Trabzoni, Abdulla Al- Ayaf, Dr. Nezar Bahbre, Dr. Waleed Fitaihi, Feras Begna, Bader Al-hmood, Ammar Bogas, Abdalla Jomaa, and Mohammad Ba Zead.

All the speakers were more than inspirational, their stories, challenges, and their achievements.

But the people who inspired me the most were Dr. Waleed Fitaihi and Ammar Bogas. Their words made my body shrug.

Dr. Waleed Fitaihi had many of American people entre Islam; he also created a security system for newborns; to keep the child near his/her mother with an electronic bracelet on the mother’s hand and the newborns leg, if any switch or abduction attempt the alarm will go on and the entire children department will close it’s doors so no one can go in or out of it.

Ammar Bogas, also known, as the “Compelling impossible” is a 27 years old man who was born with Warding-Hoffmann Disease; it’s a disease where the only thing the human can move are their eyes and tong.

Ammar graduated from high school with a score of 96% and graduated from collage with honor, to become a collage professor and an inspiration to the entire world.

When they announced that they’re bringing him on stage, the entire room gave him a standing ovation.

This project was one of the most tearful, beautiful, and most successful that I have ever been to in my entire life.

It was a true unrepeatable experience.



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