The Help

Happy Friday everyone, today I’ve decided to talk about a movie that I was inspired by; The Help. I saw this movie when it first released back in (2011) and watched it again few days ago, I was inspired how the character Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan helped those African-American women to raise their voices and to be heard in a unique most interesting way, a book.

Telling their stories on what does it feel like to raise a “white” child while their own is far away and not having a quality time with them or the bathrooms that were built outside the houses for them as if they were carrying diseases, the way that Skeeter never cared how those “White” women thought of her and always spoke of what she thought was right, a strong personality that proved to the world that it’s not about the color of your skin and that each one has the right to live a free life without racisms or discrimination, plus those African-American women showed courage that each of us has the right to speak and raise our voices loud and clear starting from Abilene Cooper who was the first speaker that told her story to Skeeter.

I know that what I’m about to say is irrelevant, but my birthday is a month away and my only wish is to meet Skeeter and Abilene someday, those women are the ideal of the word courage.


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