Traditions Over Religion

 With each generation, comes new believes and thoughts. Even the old ones think differently. Before it was all about religion, and how to apply it the way God and prophet Mohammad –peace be upon him- told us to.

But now, it’s about traditions, and not being the subject on everybody’s mouths.

Since when has love become a shame? Caring about what others say is something we should consider?

Where’s the right of speech?

The right where someone says something and we all must respect whether we agree on it or not.

If anyone wants to ruin your reputation they will even with a lie.

People should know themselves better, and their beloved ones.

And speaking of love, before confessing to love someone was a joy for both families.

Now? It’s a shame, disgrace, and embarrassment to the entire family.

Maybe the new generation has changed they way they think of love and what does it mean, thinking that saying ‘I love you’ means true love, but the truth is before they cherished their beloved one, respected them, and most important, they honored them as if they were a rare diamond.

I don’t know if the old generation has this thought that the new ones are not as good as they used be. But all I know, is I as one of the new generation, I don’t differentiate between whether this action that I’m doing (what ever it was) is custom and tradition or religion.

And to me it’s important to know the difference.

And I think a lot will agree –or disagree- with me.

 But I decided to speak about it because I’ve never heard of anyone who did.

So here’s what I think in brief; I think the new generations should be taught on religion and its basis’s, and that we should careless about what others say about us, because at the end of the day.

You know who you are, how you were raised, and where you come from.

And the most important opinion is what your own parents’ thinks of you.

Because God and prophet Mohammad –peace be upon him- taught us that parents are the most important part in your life.



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