Happy Eid

Good morning everyone, and Happy Eid. I hope you’re having a very lovely Eid with your families and beloved ones. Every year we celebrate two eids, Futur and Adha, we say to one another may God repeated on you every year. Today I decided to dedicate this Eid for the people I’ve lost in the past fifteen years. First; my grandfather Abdulla, a person I never got the chance to know and talked to. Second; to grandpa Abdulaziz, I’ve never met you but I wish I have, maybe someday we’ll meet. I hope to. Third; to my Uncle Ibrahim, I wish that were here to see your beloved family and how’d they’ve become today. I wish I could’ve had the chance to get to know you more. For unfortunately all I remember of you is an image. Then; Uncle Ahmed, a person who believed I was a good person, listened to me when I spoke, treated me as if I was a daughter of his. Finally; Uncle Fahad who’ve I lost only a year and a half ago, he used to call me ‘mama’ because I was named after his mother. He loved when I came for a visit in every occasion, but now I guess even if I visited his family. It won’t be the same. He used to tell stories of the past, his childhood, how he grew up in a small town where everyone knew each other. To all that I have mentioned; I wish you a very happy eid, sending my happy wishes from earth to heaven. May you all rest in peace, to you and to all Muslims that we have lost.


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