Freedom Of Expression

As a Muslim human being I was born into this world to worship God until the day I die. But as a simple girl in the Muslim community I was taught to choose my words carefully so I won’t become the subject of their talk, that made me confuse because as a citizen I have the right to speech and say what I believe in even if someone doesn’t like it. I have the right to speak without fear, worry, or thinking what others might say about me. Since when did people’s thoughts were something to consider?

Saying something you have faith in is your right to declare. No one has the power to make shut your mouth or even stop you from raising your voice.

Now with the use of technology, people were able to know where you are, what you had for lunch, and so on. The thing is that some people sees them as a “GPS “ meaning, locating the person’s place to follow them and acting it was a coincidence, or even to know if they were honest about saying where they really are.

Due to the small brains of people, sometimes I am unable to share my happy moments with others. Just to give you the definition of these new apps; it is a way where people share their happiest moments with their family and friends. Not to ask yourself, why I wasn’t invited to this party, or why they didn’t ask me to dinner with them, and most importantly not to act like you have run into them by accident! I have the right to express and share my moments on these apps without thinking who I have on my followers list and thinking should I or shouldn’t be tweeting this tweet, or loading this picture on Instagram?

Finally, I hope to whoever is reading to know that it doesn’t matter what people think of you, there are only three who you should really care what they think of you; your mother, your father, and most importantly yourself! So enjoy life and what it has to offer cause life is too short to worry about what people might like of you.


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