Money Over Family

As human being, we always had the need for money, for necessary or luxury. Thus, our family always taught us that money should never come in the face of family’s ethics and dignity.

Unfortunately that’s what’s exactly happening in our era.

Money has become officially more important than family, in fact it has become the weapon that turns them against each other.

People are now looking what their sibling is wearing or what kind of device she’s carrying. And more ironically, how and from where did they get the money!

Since when money become that important?!

Since when your own family become tradable for money?!

What is the meaning of family nowadays?

Is it normal that to people shares the same blood are not talking because of that reason?

I wish we could go back in time where people would do anything for their family, when family had a huge meaning into the person’s life.

I wish that no one would have to suffer the agony that a lot of people are suffering from, losing their beloved ones just because money literally brainwashed them.

And I pray for those who are, may God light their way into the right direction.


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