The New Year Of 2014

The end of this year is nearly coming; I’ve accomplished many things I never thought I would achieve. Met people that made my life not only more beautiful but brighter and happier, also I want to remember who I have lost. May God mercy your soul to you all. I would love to say to all who have entered my life that you not only were a huge part in achieving my goals but also a part of a happiness that I hope it well never end. To Bayader; who not only the most kindest, sweetest, beloved person I met, but a soul that well remain pure as the pearls under the wide sea. Losha; who makes me laugh when I’m in not in the mood, teases me yet still love her no matter what, and always reminds me that there’s always hope as long as we have God. Tota; innocent like a child’s smile that let you know that she will always, always be besides you whenever you’re in need. Ryam; my Designer with the strongest determination that I’ve never seen, the confidant that she well succeeds no matter what others tell her.

And last but certainly not the least. Asma; who has the most faith in God in every steps of her way, her strong yet lean heart makes you believe that there are people in this world who are worthy to be called, a sister. All of you do not realize how much I am blessed to have you in my life, and I hope that this bond never breaks to be as strong as titanium, and beautiful as sunlight.


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