Flower Inside A Well

 Photo Jan 13, 3 08 12 AM

A few weeks ago the entire nation has witnessed a devastating news about a little girl falling in a well, and for over two weeks all we hear is either they found her stuffed bear of “parts of her” so they claim. Citizens were furious and outraged by what the police and Security force claiming that they’re digging in hope to find the little girl. So far all we have heard is “We are still searching in hope to be found”, When the suffer of the mother’s child will end? Till when she’ll be given a false or unsure hope that her little girl will be found?

And when will someone do a real action regarding these wells that are swallowing our children. It has been estimated on Dawoon Shraian’s TV show that there are over 300,000 wells that considered to be extremely dangers on person’s soul. So the BIG question is; When shall the higher minister will do some sort of action to stop the continues sorrow? When they’ll do a closure to those families? All I hope is that a real human will act, not just make a press conference to declare what he’s plans are, but what we care is actions, action that makes us proud that we are in a country that is not only secure, but have people who listens to their citizens and care about their soul. Let’s stop from losing another soul, another innocent flower from falling into another well.

Picture by: Latifah Rahsed


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