In the past, people always thanked God for they have. And never looked on what others have. Even if they did they’d pronounce God’s name and wish that he’d bless them with the same or something better. But now, people are never pleased with God has given them. They don’t appreciate it with God has wrote for them. Always looking what others have, done, and achieve. Now, they rarely pronounce his name when seeing something they like. They don’t wish from him to have what others have to to give them what’s better than it, they Envy them! And wishing that the blessing they have is gone. And always want to know what others have to compare themselves with them. To guess how much they have in their bank account or know how many lands they have and how much this and that cost them.

You may think I’m talking about strangers who think this way, but unfortunately I’m talking about family. People you spent you life with, who shares your blood. And what kills me is they way they bring it as if they think they’re innocent and their intention has no harm or hatred. When a sibling is renovating their house and her/his sister simply asks When you’ll invite us for dinner sister?. What’s that suppose to mean? Does really want to visit you and strength your sisterhood relationship? Or to come and check your renovation? We’ve always learned that we should accept and appreciate what we have because this is what God has given us, and when we don’t it’s like we we are telling God I’m not satisfied with what I have. Is this a proper way to act to your God? Who has given you a soul, a heart, and most importantly a good healthy life and a loving family and friends. I ask to all who’s reading this to thank God for what he has given us. And to pronounce his name every time we see something we like and adore. Because God can give, but he also can take. So be careful of what you wish for, because as we all Muslims say “God does not beat with a stick”.


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