For years the Saudi women has been struggling with the court system, and why? Because she needs a man to identify her to the judge. Since when a twenty, thirty, and forty years old women needs to be identified by their men?! Why then do we have those ID cards in our bags carrying them every where? When we go to the banks or the airports they don’t ask us for any identification other than the ID card we already have inside our wallets. What if god forbid my dad was bed sick or dead or for any kinds of reasons, then what? I cant get my work don’t just because a man  is not here to identify me?! Many women were striped from our rights because of this law. But every thing has changed now. Just few hours ago mbc news announced that there’s no such thing as an identifier anymore. Women are finally being acknowledged in court. They should’ve done this along time ago but as the reporter said “better late then never come”. Women know can be acknowledged for being independent and for who they are in Saudi Arabia. My congrats to all Saudi women and for moving another block that has been a barrier to many unsolved problems. May many blocks be out of our way soon.


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