It’s known in our society that the social people are the categorized as the most confident and eloquence people. But how about the ones who are rarely outspoken? Does their quietness means that they’re less confident? Less easier to harmonize with?

I believe that the right question that should be asked is; Why they’re in silence? Is it fear? And if indeed it was fear, what are they afraid of? Being judged by their words? Laughed at? Or may be not knowing how to say it in a proper way?

Or maybe, they’er expression in using their voice isn’t the best way to to show how they feel. Some are good in other ways to express how they feel or what they want to say. Like Graffiti or writing or even dancing. Unfortunately in our community not everyone – mostly everyone – doesn’t understand that there are differ ways for everyone to reach their message.

Yet, the question that comes on my mind is Why don’t those people use their own voice to deliver the message they want their audience to hear?

To answer this question, for me using my voice directly is hard, because sometimes I don’t know how to order my words and pronounce them properly. But when I start typing I study my words and think of them before sending it to my audience. That doesn’t mean I’m a shy person and rarely speak. But using my words in writing is far much better then using my own voice. Some see it as a disadvantage, but for me words are my only way to express how I truly feel sometimes. And without it, I could be someone who will be disable to convey her message to her audience.


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