Juliet’s Balcony

It was a rainy Friday afternoon, the sun was covered with the gray clouds. Mulberry was occupied as it always is. Wearing my comfy training suit and laying in bed and have no desire to do anything. After deciding that I should get up I went to the kitchen and made me a cup of hot tea with lemon slice, setting on the counter I start imaging how being in love is like. Does it always makes you feel like butterflies in your stomach? Or makes you heart bound so hard that the entire world can hear it? Is it really all about the kiss that makes you close your eyes so you can feel the mesmerizing moment of you and your loved one? I’ve never been in love, and you know what. I don’t want to. It’s not that I don’t want to be loved it’s just that i don’t want to be psyched about a person or only thinking about one guy every single minute of the day.

I held my cup and walked across the room, as I did I thought about how many times my friends tells me that having someone looks after you and cherish you is a feeling can never be described. My telephone rang and it was Jessie “Hey girl” “Hey, guess what?!” “What?” “I’m getting married tomorrow!” “Oh my god! Are you serious?” “Yes! and I want you to be my maid on honor, so would you do it? For me? Please” funny how I was thinking about love and now my friend is telling me she’s tying the knot. “Of course I will” I replied and all I can hear was her screaming inside my ears. “I’ll picking you up were going for dress fitting!” dress fitting does that mean she already planted the entire thing? am I a replacement for someone who couldn’t play here maid of honor? The weird thing is I wasn’t angry about it nor did I cared in the first place.
We went to the bridal shop and Jessie and four other bridesmaids who I didn’t know were fitting their dresses, while I just stood their like statue of liberty. “Courtney, Courtney!” I raised my head and realized that Jessie wants my to fit my dress so the tailor could take my fittings right. The dress was long sleeves and backless, the color was beige I didn’t like but who am I to talk? It’s Jessie’s day not mine.
In a blink of an eye the day has arrived. We were all in the bridal’s lounge getting ready the bride asked the makeup stylist to only eye-line the bridesmaids and simple pink lipstick. As for her, she had smokey brown eyes and matte red lipstick. The grooms kept trying to see his bride but Jessie wouldn’t allow him what so ever. after lining up with the grooms best man the door opened and the pianist played his music. Then, it was the bride’s turn. As we all watched the door along with all the guests I felt like this is the happiest time two lovers could be living. But deep down I was asking myself was marriage always a prove that the two of them loved each other? Did they really needed a piece of paper and a large party to really know that they’re truly in love?. Sweat was all over the groom’s face waiting for his bride to stand beside him and say I do. The pianist played the classical wedding music and the door opened, Jessie looks beautiful in white strapless wedding gown with her hair pulled up and having her father-in-law walking next to her, apparently her dad wasn’t a big part of her life. when they both reached the end of the aisle the music stops and Roger holds Jessie’s hand, while his dad go and take a seat next to his wife. As the paster stars talking about love and being in the presence of god, family, and friends and each of Jessie and Roger said their vows and said I do, we all headed to the Grand Hall.

The band was loud and everyone was enjoying themselves I was just sitting on one of the thousands of tables that were all around the room, holding my glass and just looking at people dancing and laughing. Sharing the joy that the newlyweds are having. Couple of hours later, I decided to head home.

As I opened the apartment’s door and took of my coat, I poured a glass of mojito and sat on the sofa, lifted my feet on the table and kicked of my heels. I flipped throw the channels but nothing interesting at all. looking at my left I decided to set outside. Sitting there it made me think of love again. And should I be searching for my love? Is he really out there waiting for me? Or should I just wait for him to come? Just like how Juliet waited for her Romeo. But will the ending be happier or not? Will my Romeo be killed by himself for loving me so much? Or our love will be completed with my head laid on his chest, where I can clearly her his heart calling my name. I think that love it self will come to me. And that love is something, not be searched but found. So I shall be waiting for it right here on my balcony, just like Juliet. And hopefully it will end in the way my heart wishes to be.


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