Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

It was Saturday morning, I woke up and got dressed and went down stairs to find my mother talking on the phone. seemed intense and was talking quietly yet she was a string a way from screaming. Walking to the kitchen, all I can think of what have they done now?! My sisters were sitting having breakfast, “Good morning” “Good morning” they replied “Who’s mom talking to?” “I don’t know, maybe aunt Millie”. After mom hang up she walked into the kitchen with frustration all over her face. “So is it true?” Jane said “Yes, unfortunately it is true” “What’s true?” I asked, while I pressed the button for the coffee maker. “Aunt Carol sold us for cash” said Abe.

I was confused, angry “What do you mean she sold us for cash?” “remember Khan? George’s half brother” “Yeah, the one who proposed for Kate, what he has to do with that?” “Well, aunt Carol asked me about him and I told her what I know” “So?” “So, she told him and blame it on mom and I” I felt that someone literally punched me in the stomach. I was mortified that she was actually someone I’m related to. They thought that just because Jane always camp and travels with her in-laws that means they’re rich, so if Kate marries Khan their “income” well become higher, but after two years Kate filed for divorce. Till this day aunt Carol doesn’t recognized us as her family. She was ungrateful for how my mother looked after, especially after the failing or her first marriage.

But for me, I came out that family can be like Roses, they look beautiful, their color is blood red and makes want to come closer to smell their enchanted aroma, but once you lie your hands around you get sting by their thorns. And no matter how many times you try to hold it, it will always sting you. Because roses will always have thorns


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