Miss Peregrine’s Home Of Peculiar Children


A mysterious island called Cairnholm. That’s what Jacob has always heard from his grandfather, Abe. With creepy pictures of young children who were nothing but extraordinary. A girl who can fly, an invisible man, a girl who makes fire with her bare hand, and many more. But when Abe catches his last breaths after being killed by a monster that Jacob has witnessed, he asks Jacob to look for the bird. And so, the adventure of finding the bird begins.

I loved Jacob’s developing. And the surprise element was defiantly there! Jacob’s character has developed after the death of his grandfather, Abe but before that his character was kind of dull to me. He wasn’t an interesting character. I think that his friend Ricky was useless other than driving him to Abe when he got nuts. If he would’ve drove alone I think it could’ve been more interesting and creepy. I was hoping for a chapter where Abe himself would talk about the peculiar children while he was there with them. And to say his feelings about Emma. How serious were they, or what did it feel like to live there with them.

Goodreads: 4/5


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