The Complete (Maus)


A combined of Maus I: the tale of a survivor and Maus II, Valdek Spiegelman and his wife Anja. Art Spiegelman talks to his father about his surviving story when he was in Poland on Hitler’s Europe. And expressing it in a form of cartoon. By representing the Jews as mice, Nazis as cats, Poles as pigs, and Americans as dogs.

A touching story about survival, made me want to read more about the history of the war, why Hitler did what he has done and how he was thinking at that time. Writing the characters as animals is a brilliant idea, it made as a graphic novel more appealing to differ ages of readers, thus, adding real images in volume II was heart warming and made me as a reader to have an affection to the survival characters (i.e Valdek and Anja). I had some difficulty understanding some of the words and that kind of a bummer for me.

Goodreads: 4/5


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