Lola And The Boy Next Door (Anna And The French kiss #2)


Lola is a girl who doesn’t believe in fashion, she believes in costume. The more it glittered, outspoken, the better. Even though she has an outstanding lifestyle, she’s devoted herself as a daughter and a friend, with her rocker boyfriend and pretty perfect life, until the Bell twins came back to the neighborhood, Calliope & Cricket. Cricket – a clever inventor – is stepping out of his sister’s shadow and returns into Lola’s life. She then make peace of old feeling for the boy next door.

Lola’s character was fun, corky, drama queen, but fun to get know during the story. Cricket’s on the other hand was the type that was not as “Manhood” as I hoped he’ll be at the end. He was the type that was only trying to please his sister and Lola at the same time. Comparing to Anna and the french kiss? I would say it’s almost a tie.

Goodreads: 4/5


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