Isla And The Happily Ever After (Anna And The French kiss #3)


Isla is a girl who had a crush on the same guy since freshman year, Josh Wasserstein. An artist who’s the son of a famous politician and a person who’s always known for being the rule breaker, which was the opposite of what Isla is. Smart girl, straight A’s and has a bright future in being the next journalist. But when destiny join them together that’s when both Josh & Isla has to confront the challenges they’ll be facing to see if their love can survive, can it? Also other known characters will be appearing at the end of the book that brings back the old days of Anna and the french kiss & Lola and the boy next door. Both Anna and Étienne, Lola and Cricket, his twin sister Calliope and Meredith as will.

When I was reading the first two books a lot of readers said not to read the last for how bad it was! I didn’t think it was that bad at all, yes it’s not as exciting nor dramatic as the first two but it’s not how other readers claim it is.

Isla was weak, didn’t develop as a character nor became exciting at the end of the book. Josh on the other hand was quite intriguing. His coldness, artistic mind and being the son of a politician was very cool as a character. I wished that the book was from his side instead of Isla. I think as a character he could’ve made the story telling much more interesting and exciting.

Goodreads: 4/5


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