Daisy’s Darkness…

Daisy was born with a heart of pureness, a mind of saint. The cruelty of this world has changed into someone she never thought she’d become roses has withered, leaves had fallen. Why the world change us into these souls that knows no mercy, kindness, or care but only for themselves? Has life experience turned her into someone who’s self-centered narcissistic character? Or has her ego and greed have overshadowed her sterlings? Her love of power has made her push everyone around her away. If she’s not in control she either vanquish the throne that she hallucinate and move to another where no one has the power the courage to stand up to her, she enjoys the feeling of authority, who doesn’t?

Yet there’s always an element everyone forgets that it’s the key to everyone’s hearts; Modesty, Daisy love of power has made her modesty fade will she be able to gain it back? Maybe hopefully for now she lives in the world of darkness where her heart had turned into coal, her eyes tightened and can no longer see the goodness and kindness in others, she sees them as usage, a fake attitude to deceive for everyone to get what they want. Oh dear Daisy, what has happened to you? Have you lost your way? Had hatred blinded you?

No one knows what the future holds for Daisy but what’s for sure is that now she is claiming her throne, a throne that made her heart stiff, her mind blur, Is there hope?


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