The New Era’s Malady

Jealousy; feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.

This is the definition of Jealousy, being jealous of what others have is a normal feeling, although it’s not something a good person should show. When feeling that, a good person tries to attain what he/she wishes to have. It could be success in a work, school, or have a certain life they would like live. Unfortunately jealously have upgraded the past few years. Now people don’t just jealous of what people have, but who they socialize with as will; not like a man jealous of his wife’s co-worker but of who their friends are being friends with. It has developed to the point where they try to control their friends to not befriends with others. This kind of jealousy have become the new disease of the social life, it has become one of the reasons why most people lose their friends. To the point where the person has become obsessive and thinking that their friend is a property of their own. Some have the ability to confront and stop their compulsive friend but others with weak personality or the “Pleaser” type may suffer. So when will there be a cure? Yes a cure, this has become a real disease that have invaded humanity, the main issue is; lack of trust. Thinking that the third person have took their friend away from them and ending up hating them for no logical reason. This is something that can harm the person’s social life, not mentioning that it is exhausting to just constantly thinking negatively about the third party as an enemy. A person with this kind of thinking needs to be confronted to stop thinking and acting as a jealous stepford wife, then understand that people are not property to possess that everyone has the right to have several friends.

People may underrate this kind of behavior but people who has it if not stopped, it can turn into something that may not cross your mind. This matter is something is not to be taken for granted whatsoever.

People are NOT property of other. People should NOT be treated like chess. People were born free and shall die free.


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