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Hawjan is a mix of Fiction & Romance that no one ever could imagine. We are all curious about the stories of the genies and spirits or as we Arabs call them (Jinn). We were told that they live among us same as we do, in happiness sadness, go to school and get married. They were told to never come near us or try to commute with us in anyhow. But on particular Jinni have redefined the Jinni world to us, the humans. Hawjan in his early nineties considered young in the Jinni world, lives with his mother and grandfather in house of their own – or so he believed- until a Hijazi family has arrived, with two kids a boy and a girl both in their early twenties. Hawjan was amazed by the girl, Sawan. From then his adventure begun where he never thought it would.

I absolutely L.O.V.E.D the book, it’s plot and characters have developed amazingly. Also I’ve become more aware of the other life that lives among us and that they are not who I used to believe they are. Ibraheem Abbas has exceed my expectations, cannot wait to read his next writings.

Goodreads: 5/5

The novel is available in English language too.


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