Better Words

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The writer: ” I was in London, when I had the moment that changed my life, specifically when I met a man from Morocco at the famous Hyde Park.  Even though we had a huge age difference he welcomed me with an open heart, I was eighteen while he was old enough to be my father. He was the first Atheist I’ve met”.

This book talk about different kinds of religions and compare it to ours – Islam- the book is originally Arabic. And how we as Muslims.

Absolutely amazing! Where he compared all the religions to Islam in a respectful way to the other religions. And how some of the myths makes us Muslims thank God for the blessing of Islam. Also in some chapters her spoke about Psychology, which was one of my favorite chapters. I hope to read other writing by Sultan Al-Mousa for his way of writing is the kind that won’t let me put the book down at all!

Goodreads: 5/5

The novel is available in English language too


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