Mocking Pupil

We were always taught that we shouldn’t do this or that so others won’t talk. But what if our actions are anything but wrong? What if it’s just the people are the ones who like to talk? We deprive ourselves from having fun? Or goofing around just so we won’t be the next hot topic?

Mocking: tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.

This is the definition of mocking, which means that people are mockers whenever they want on whatever action they dislike. Some mock on the act of being good do that mean we should stop doing volunteering?! No. Mocking people are simply is the kind we should ignore as long as what they’re mocking about shows how childish their behaving. Others search for things to mock about, sometimes you don’t notice something but just because someone brought the attention to it it’s now the center piece of mocking. People will always talk you can never stop them, all you can do is simply ignore them. As long your actions isn’t offensive to anyone let the mockers mock, Because one day they’ll taste they’re own medicine and they will not like how it tastes.


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