Air Power

Yesterday I was in my Business Negotiation class and we were talking about framing and how the negotiator must be understating and reasonable. The Dr. then starting talking about “Air Power” and how people now buy their properties based on what their window is viewing, real-estateers are now actually increasing the price of houses if they show a beach view or a landscape or even a celebrity house! This principle have gone for a few years now and I think it’s crazy! Yes, it’s a bonus to a have a nice view and it’s okay to increase the price a bit but now the prices have gone wild. Not only that, these days people started buying air! It’s what they called now as “Air Rights”, hotel owners or landlords have bought the air that is in front of their property so they won’t lose their renters. This have been causing to stop a lot or constructing projects and money for who are buying the air. Yes it may be beneficial for the buyers yet the idea itself is crazy, not only that now China is buying bottled air from UK and for £80 – see the BBC News-. This whole thing shows how people have literally lost their minds. If there’s a pollution in China they should find solution of that; decrease the industrial working, recycle more and many more solutions that can be done to provide a healthier air to live on not purchasing air from another country. If the clean air is finished then what? Buy more? This is an infinite cycle that will cause China to go bankrupt. Then who they have to blame for that? Only themselves! There should be an effective, reasonable, solutions for these kinds of problem China should try to find solutions by themselves before asking other countries for help. Buying air shows how China was desperate. China, the country that it known for their exporting and gigantic production of almost everything. I believe that China can find solutions for this issue and doesn’t need anyone’s help. Plus, air is entitled for everyone and should not be for sale.


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