ND Meet up

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On March 1st, 2016 I was fortunate to attend a meet up that was organized by ND at Dante Coffee house. These two ladies – Njood & Dana – have organized this event in collaboration with Arabella and That Red Lip. The two bloggers talked about their journey about blogging and how they balance between blogging lifestyle and their personal lives. Also ND hosted the DestinationShargiya Magazine, they talked the type of magazine they run and how it’s versatile for everyone to read. We got the opportunity to chat with these sweet bloggers and got to know them even more by enquiring them.

Muneera Bubshait from Arabella talked about her start up with blogging and that the important thing is that you do it so that others can benefit from your experience not to gain millions of followers or being able to receive gifts from brands, it’s all about benefiting others. She also talked about working at one of the most beloved places for every Saudi child Toy Town! How working there made her feel joy and bringing back her childhood memories. Another thing she talked about being a member at the Global Shapers; a community that is led by young people who work together to make a difference around the world, talking about a project she led on 2015, which was about the Autism children the way she spoke about it with passion and from the heart.

Next was Asma al-Malki from That Red Lip. First she talked about her studies in English Literature, how she worked to develop her English language she then talked about working with KG kids for two years and how it was the best experience in her life, then blogging and how it was amazing to have the opportunity to share it with her followers.

Then both of them talked about when there followers asks them questions like ‘what’s the best products for acne or what’s the best to whiting my teeth.’ What both bloggers agreed on is that when they try something and works great for them that doesn’t mean it’s the best for everyone, they review the product based on how it worked on them.

The meet up was well organized and lovely, the speakers were open-hearted and welcoming. ND did an amazing job, when it was almost over they handed us a goodie bag that included some samples of great products and discounts for Dante Coffee shop and Flower Hunt. I cannot wait for the next meet up these ladies will plan for.


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