When age comes first

Age is something we always take in consideration, when choosing clothes,  makeup, and of course when speaking to the older people. And it is the right thing but what if being respectful too much could make you lose your privileges? If you’re taught your whole life that no matter what an older person says or do you should never stand up to them even if they’re the one who started harassing you, what would you do then? Are you going to ignore your parent(s) parenting or just go with the flow? For me, well I  was always taught to never ever confront anyone who’s older than me even if they’re the one who’s mistaken. For some reason if I did, I’ll always come out as the bad person -don’t ask how- at the age of twenty-one years old and after many fights I’ve finally decided to shut the whole thing. How? Well, you see I’ve stopped communicating long conversations with the people I least get along with. It’s either ‘hello, how are you?’ type of convo or nothing at all. And if in any case they’ve come and said or do anything that makes me goes nuts I’ve decided to do what I like to call “Deaf mode” where I pretend I didn’t listen what they’ve said and walk away on them. Now how I take the negative energy out of me? I either use my negativity jar; where I write down any negative thoughts or things that I’m experiencing or I exercise. Unfortunately that have build a barrier between me and people who are close to me but I’m a person who suffers with a type of Epilepsy, and when I get too nervous or stressed my hands starts to tingle. Some says that I’m a brat and thinks I’m using my condition so people would stop bugging me. I don’t, my solution may not be for everyone but where I come from, it’s the best solution to handle the situation.


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