How to Write?

Writing is an art that not so many people appreciate it. The power of words is unbelievable, as my modo says; one word can change someone’s life forever. Some thinks that writing a short story is a “piece of cake”, when it’s actually not creating a character is harder than you could’ve imagine you have to take many things into consideration. Gender, nationality, age, and many other things. What bothers me the most is when someone determines to write, whatever he or she is intending to, they go to books with titles like How to write a bestselling book in one month! Or The art of writing a poem. These books are worthless without the most important element a writer should own; Imagination. This element is not only essential but it’s the key to all types of writing, without it your writing will be meaningless. Without imagination Avatar, TFIOS, Star Wars, X-Men, The Notebook and many more amazing works wouldn’t be exist. When writers faces wait we call a Block  it’s one of the most frustrating moments that could we go through. So if you want to learn how write? I have two tips and only two, READ other peoples work. And keep your mind OPEN.


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