Broken heart

I always knew this day would come, but my heart was never prepared

I saw you do your last show and only then it hit me, this is the last of you in here

This is the last you shall be who you were, don’t get wrong I’m at my happiest for you

It’s the idea of your non-excitance what shatters me

People always say my heart is broken, but only today I got to know what’s like to have a broken heart

It’s like ripping a heart from it’s place and see it beat slowly in front of you

Slowly starts to stop and your vision starts to fade

This is what a broken heart feels like

An open chest, exposed to the life’s hassles

Time shall heal, I hope but for now I’m experiencing one of life’s curliest moments, As Hazel Grace had said “Here it was, the great and terrible ten.”


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