Baseball players always take turns when it’s game time, play their part equally sometimes there’s one player who’s always left out either he’s underestimated by his coach or mistreated by his fellow players What do you think this player feels? Do you think he would keep telling himself it’s okay, someday I’ll be noticed, maybe so but do you think he will keep saying that for the rest of his life? Is he able to? Or does every person has a patience limit? If he does have a limit, when will he explode? Or will he pray to God to inspire him with patient everyday before he goes to sleep?

There he is after a decade and still underestimated and mistreated. What do you think? Will he still keep telling himself that one day he will be noticed? Appreciated? Or will he start feeling saggy? Won’t care what his coach and fellow mates think of him anymore?

The real question is; What would you do?

If it was me I would leave find another team that appreciates my talent who doesn’t take me for granted

However sometimes it’s not the case sometimes there’s no where else to go, now what? Fortunately this player has an Angel besides him watches over him and every time the player cries to his Angel the Angel stars singing the songs that soothes him make him feel special like no other, reminds him of the good things that is around him and asks the player to thank God for these good things for there are many who wishes what the player has. Sometimes leaving is not a solution maybe the player was placed in this team for a reason, a test placed by God to see if he can pass it and he he does maybe later on God will reward him for his patience. Therefore, the player stayed where he is and kept a smile on his face and reminded himself that God has plans bigger than he could’ve ever imagined, and that he has his Angel by his side reminding him that life is a test, and we should have a strong faith in God to help us pass it.


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