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Hello my fellow readers and Happy Ramadan to my fellow Muslims from all around the world! Today I have for you one of the most epic dystopian book by the wonderful Lauren Oliver she’s the one who wrote the Delirium trilogy, which I fell in love with and this one is even better! it talks about this town called Carp that has about twelve thousand people each year senior high school graduates goes into this competition named Panic it’s no ordinary competition for it’s known for taking several people’s lives – I know how crazy that is!- it speaks through two  points of views; Heather an Dodge. Each one of them talks about the game and why they need to win it. I loved the development of each character which i something I truly appreciate and how driven each one of them are. The dynamic of the games were exciting and the final game was a true epic ending for the story. Overall Lauren Oliver as always killed it! and I can’t wait to read more work of hers!

Goodreads: 5/5


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