Real Roots

I’ve been watching the new TV show “Bamboo Stalk” and I have already read the book last year but the show made me think more deeply about the situations those poor people like Essa – or Jose- go through. What actually made me think was not being from two ethnic but totally another subject, tribes and origins yes tribes in our community some families don’t accept a man or even a women to be a spouse to their children because they do not belong to a tribe, a certain tribe, or they’re origins are from a different country. Why? I wonder who made the decision that to be accepted he or she must be from a tribe and origin? I once asked my father this question he said;

“These are habits that the elders invented and became a part of their family rules that was inherited to their children and their children’s children.”
This subject has been the most sensitive topic in our community, why? Some think that’s it’s not right to have their son marry someone who’s not from a tribe or from their same origin because they’re afraid what their community might say or because that can hurt their daughter’s future or being married because “who would want to be related to someone with no real roots?” as some may say, as for their daughters it’s because her children will carry the fathers name therefore his name must be a name with reputation and purity. This exactly the way Mama Ganima’s  character’s all about, purity of the family and reputation. May question is; If the elders haven’t came up with this habit, would our society be any different? Will we accept those people as spouses to our children? Or will eventually this habit come up? Is it fair? Or it’s something that is within reason that someone should only accept those who is only as they are? From a true tribe from their origin. I was taught that this is something that will never change, something that was within us, and that I should and ought to inherited to my future children. Maybe one day these racism will end, but as long as the elders are around to ensure that their traditions are continued nothing will change, unless the elder will.


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