When you were young you were always taught that Cinderella’s stepmother was the evil person in the story, how she made her work as her maid and treated in a very bad unfair way. And you probably wondered why would someone treat a person who’s like their own child so badly?

Will then, let me tell you my story. I’m Isabella, but you can call me Ella that’s what everybody does. My birthday is October 5th, that’s three days away, I’ll be eighteen years old. I have two older siblings, Francesca and Pablo. Both are married and with kids. Fran is ten years older than me and Pablo five years older. Both my parents are alive, you may wonder whats the point of introducing you to my family, well it’s because that’s what’s all about. You see my mother always taught to respect the people who are older than me, always treat and speak to them with good manners. When my sibilings’ joke with me I laugh but when I do it back to them my mother always says

“Behave Isabella!” and my sibilings’ – especially Fran would mouth to me

“You deserve it.” I never understood why. As the years go by I started to notice that my mother treats me differently from my siblings, in a way that bothered to the point where I went to my father and asked him why, his answer was

“This is your mother, you have to accept that.”

Only then I knew that my father can never stands by my side, every time I discuss with my mother on a topic she would do either of these two; pretend she’s listening when she’s in fact on the phone texting or force her opinion without listening my point of view. Here I am eighteen years old and still could never understand my own mother I reached to the point where I believe that she may hate me, just like how Cinderella’s stepmother hated her, but why? I always asked myself this question but never found the answer to it. She punishes me for things my sibling’s does to me, let them treat me with disrespect and expects from me to shut my mouth and say absolutely nothing about it. When I  told my best friend Maria my whole story and how I’ve had enough of being mistreated and underestimated she, too couldn’t figure out why my mother does that.

As a gift for myself, I’ve decided to pack my things and move out. Both of my parents didn’t approve of it, but I  just couldn’t handle it any longer. I am a person who is deserved to be treated well and fair.

So now let me ask you this, does that makes evil? Or am I the one with the patience problem?


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