Blood is always thicker…

Ever since we are born we are taught that family is everything, that blood is thinker than water. Yet sometimes we feel a hollow inside us, a hollowness that makes us feel that what we have been told is nothing but words. Is it us? Are we only looking for the things that others have? Or is the blood getting less thicker by the years?

When you go to school for the first time in your life you become either enthusiast or shy, but after some years you get to learn the type of people you’ll face in this world. The person who only knows you when they want something, the one who uses your kindness to get the job done, and there’s that special someone who becomes like family to you.

At first you’ll get to be close with them by knowing their interests, hobbies, their favorite color and food and so on. Then you’ll meet their family and siblings and they also become as a family to you. After a while your own family may tease you how much time you spend on the phone with your friends or that your home has become like a hotel because you’re always at your friend’s place. But the question is, Why?  Why am I or anyone for that matter spend more time with their friends than their family?

Are their friends more understanding? Are they more supporting?

Ask yourself your these questions, as a sibling and a parent

  • Are you showing your affection to them? Do you hug them often?
  • Are you supporting or their dream? Do you show how much you’re proud when they accomplish it? 
  • Are you -the parent- treat them fairly? Or is their a discrimination between the siblings? 
  • Are you – the sibling- use your power as an older one to mistreat them because you know your parent won’t say anything about ? Or as a younger one because you’re your parents favorite? 

Think about it, am I treating them as I wish to be treated?

Yes sometimes it’s not in the family it could be that you have overrated how much you care about your friend to the point where you see them as family that you have chosen, I’m not saying it’s wrong to feel this way, however is it fair that your parents and sibling have done nothing wrong to you yet your not treating them how you should?

One day we will all be gone, one by one everyone will leave this earth. Here’s the thing you’ll never know when! So reorder your priorities. As a child, a sibling.

Also, you as a parent and you as a sibling whose treated that person in the way they don’t deserve. Rethink of why you’ve been replaced, why he/she decided to make their friend and their family as they own, by choice. Because one day we will be gone after that it will be too late. So make your move right now! Hug your child/sibling, go to your parents and tell them how thankful you are for they’ve done to you that you’ll always be grateful for them. Spend time with your siblings, because no matter how many years is passing, blood is always thicker than water.


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