The Power of the Elders…

In each place we go there’s always someone whose in charge of their surroundings, a manager, a director, a chief, and a parent. All of them have the higher power to their people they can never be disobeyed or break any rules that is set by them. If so there are consequences, punishments for each behavior that was inappropriate. However, in our world there is what most of us know as bribery, manipulation, and even injustice. Why? Because they have the higher power, they are like the elders we see in movies like the God Father series, who take control of things they disapprove of because it may be a barrier to their plans. As a result people who’ve worked hard get fired so another one who’s the elders favorite could fill thier place, they and the ones they care about become threatened if they spoke a word of what they know. These posstions have made the purest soul turns to devil because of greed and became blind by it. They entered a comma that they’ll never be awaken of until their weakness is exposed. Only then they shall become weaker than a dying Lion whose gasping their last breath before they fall and become food to the Vultures. How ironic is that! When the King of the jungle becomes the prey after being the predator for such a long time, this proves to you that what comes around goes around! That what you plant today you’ll harvest tomorrow. So my message to you – Elder – is think a thousand time before making your decision, because one day you shall be rewarded for you actions, whether it was on the down side or the up side, you will be rewarded.


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