The Retarted Evolution…

Everyday, new Apps and technologies that helps us stay connected with our family and friends such as Skype, FaceTime, and social apps that has the voice and video features like What’sApp, Snapchat, Line, and many more… Thing thing is here in Saudi Arabia the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Commission sees that these Apps endanger the profit of the local networks. They have banned almost all the App features calming that it’s for “security” reasons. Recently they’ve banned the FaceTime calls, which is one of the main communications between abroad students and their families. People have protested on social media with hashtag

#هيئةـ الإتصالات ـ كفايةـ حجب

which means: Ministry of communication enough banning

Heres the list of banned apps they’ve banned


Yellow: banned the phones calls, Orange: partial banning, Red: Full banning

After banning the FaceTime the local network providers have launched a mocking ad showing how the ministry is acting absurdly


This ad done by Mobily carrier, advertising their new service of bird carriers -Game of Throne style-


And this one by STC carrier, advertising the new technology of cups!

The thing is the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Commission denies these accusations that they’ve banned these features! This shows that what they care about is profits, without thinking that these technologies help students abroad and other people who are far from their families and friends. It’s also a proof that if they continued this way there will be no development in our country regarding communication and this can and has made the people rage as seen on social media on them.

I believe that this is the true meaning of going backward, when in other countries are in development everyday we are going in the opposite direction.

However, if indeed they’re doing it for security reasons they should and ought to make an official statement of what they are concern about and be clear with the public because they have the right to know what danger they might be facing, instead of denying the whole thing. I am hoping they will make an official statement providing the public of why they did banned these apps and most importantly unbanned them in the near future.


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