Back and forth…

The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

According to Wikipedia this is the definition of relationship. However, nowadays it has been differ from one person to another. Some say a relationship is being by the other person’s side when in need, others say is by how appreciated I am whether how many times I talk to them or the type of gifts I receive from them. Is it true? That the definition of a relationship is now defined by the number of calls, texts, or gifts I’m given to by that person? Or is it more about what direction that person guides me? 

Because of the variation in the meaning of relationship people have reached to a point where it’s all about what they’re receiving not what they’re giving, true there’s a limit to but does that mean you should cut your relation because you’re not receiving back what you’ve given?. There’s a saying that what you decide to give should come from the heart. That means you shouldn’t put in your mind that whatever I give I shall receive the same. Communication is a key to a relationship, if you were to say nothing and refusing to speak thinking that the person themselves should feel it this will never work, speak up! Because the more you keep in at some point you’ll explode, this for sure will not end will. Also when looking in small details and making them the headline of your relationship sooner or later it will end. A relationship is based on a person respects you, be there when you need them the most. Not because someone calls me every single day that makes them in the “BFF” category, sometimes it’s distance that makes us close, sometimes a hug can mean something so much more than a gift. Some relationship are like shadows, they’ll be by your side on your brightest days but once the darkness falls they’ll be gone. And some are like a torch you hold that will guide your way into the right path. Remember, relationships are not a likewise method, not everything you do means you’ll get the same back. It’s about being honest, loyal, and respectful.


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