Ethics vs. Laws

As a business student I learn a lot about work laws and ethics in my courses and how to act ideally within the workplace, and how sometimes we need to make our decision with ethics and not by law and vise versa. But what about our personal life? Should it be the same? Or should we just do what we were taught as children? Simply because I was taught this way. This was most of our answers would be if anyone asked us why we think, act, behave in a certain matter, but is it always the right way? I’m not saying that we are raised wrongly by our parents, I’m saying that most of our lives were always about obeying the family laws so we won’t be the next hot topic on everyones’ gatherings. But what about our religious laws? What if our family laws contradicts with both the laws and ethics of our religion? What should we do then? What would you do then?

I’m sure rarely we think got the opportunity to be asked about our opinions, but let me ask you this, if you were given the chance to create a new foundation of principles, beliefs, and ethics, would it be the same as the one you were taught as a child? Or would you alter it to your point of view? if so, would you raise your own children they way you were raised? Or would you do it differently?

I believe that each one of us ha their own voice that should be heard, should be listened to. I believe that everyone has the right to look at life from their own perspective, people will always judge on how you live your life and how you decide to rise your kids and type of beliefs you seed in them, therefore live the way your religion tells you to please your god and walk your way to the reward to the second life, in the end this life is only temporary, a bridge to the after life where god has meant it for us – his worshipers- to go to. So whether     you decided to live by laws of your religion, the ethics of your traditions, or create your own to be able to please both, always keep in mind the when different is usually rejected by others, for this reason live your life, be happy, teach your children what you’ve always believed in,and become this best version of yourself.


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