January Favorites…

img_5393Hello my beloved ones this months i brought you some of my favorite beauty and winter essential products. Hope you enjoy…

fullsizerender-2Since winter is where mostly my skin gets dehydrate and dry here’s two products I’ve been using for my face I use the Bioderma Atoderm PO zinc Ultra-apaisante for the irritated very dry skin, Now I do have an oily skin, however it’s because of the eczema around my eye area and sometimes on my cheeks and nose I use this cream to minimize the itchiness and dryness. I find that this cream has helped me with the eczema that I can barely notice them. You can find this product at Boots or any local pharmacy store around you

img_5394The second one is the Karite d’ Africa shea butter cream from Bottega Verde. I apply this cream all over my body after taking a shower and it makes my skin hydrated and soft for the whole day plus it smells so good!


Now for those who has pimples and blemishes the Grease Lightning by Lush is the organic safe solution for you! It’s a Tea Tree with Aloe Vera gel, Rosemary, and Grape juice essence.  Helping to sooth you irritated skin and get rid of pimple spots and blemishes. I use it every day on the area where I have a blemish of pimple and within a week or so (depending of the size of your blemish/pimple) it will disappear. fullsizerenderSince we’re on the spot subject, I bought this Maybeline Instant Age Rewind concealer. I immediately noticed how much it covers my under eyes and blemishes (note that for my under eyes and blemishes I always use and orange corrected first, my current use is the benefit in 03 Deep), what I loved about it is that it doesnt cake or crease it sits perfectly through the whole day.

img_5399I’ve tried so many brow products however, benefit has the ultimate brow products ever! I’ve tried the Brow Zings kit (discontinued) and was amazing, now I this brow pencil called Goof Proof is absolutely brilliant the best part is that it has a spoolie on the other end mine is in shade (deep 06).


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