The heart shall miss you deeply

To follow your dreams you must leave the nest, Fly to places you’ve never been to…

Meet people that will help you to grow, Your place shall be empty…

The nest will never be the same, You are the joy of this place…

The light that makes this place shine, The soul that makes it alive…

The nest shall be empty without you, The shall miss you deeply…

I wish you a journey full of achievements and success, A life of happiness and joy…

You worked hard to be where you are today, You’ve reached to the top of the mountain…

You spread your wings and jumped to fly, You’ve soared up in the sky…

My heart will always be with you, My prayers will always include you…

You’re precious to me, Forever and always…

I’ll miss you everyday you’re not around, And the heart shall miss you deeply…


Broken heart

I always knew this day would come, but my heart was never prepared

I saw you do your last show and only then it hit me, this is the last of you in here

This is the last you shall be who you were, don’t get wrong I’m at my happiest for you

It’s the idea of your non-excitance what shatters me

People always say my heart is broken, but only today I got to know what’s like to have a broken heart

It’s like ripping a heart from it’s place and see it beat slowly in front of you

Slowly starts to stop and your vision starts to fade

This is what a broken heart feels like

An open chest, exposed to the life’s hassles

Time shall heal, I hope but for now I’m experiencing one of life’s curliest moments, As Hazel Grace had said “Here it was, the great and terrible ten.”

Spirit of happiness

Walks with grace, Smile on her face

Eyes shines like daylight, Knowledge with bright

Pureness in her heart, As light as the stars

Lights your road, Through the darkest nights

Brings out your best, And helps you success

A gift from god, That should be cherished

One in a million, Dimond in the rough

He wings will left you high, Up to the seventh sky


I wish

I wish I could be able… I wish high walls didn’t surround my world

A tower that I’m trapped in… There’s no dragon guarding it

Nor a magical spell that makes it hard to reach for me

Its pride, morals, and traditions… Something no one can conquer or go throw

I know that when the time comes… You’ll understand

You may receive it in the hard way… But remember

You’ll always be the person I trust… You’ll always be the person that I rely on

I wish my voice would count… But the more I raise my voice

The more I became an outcast… I wish, I wish

I know it’s not enough right now… But I hope that someday it will