The Power of the Elders…

In each place we go there’s always someone whose in charge of their surroundings, a manager, a director, a chief, and a parent. All of them have the higher power to their people they can never be disobeyed or break any rules that is set by them. If so there are consequences, punishments for each behavior that was inappropriate. However, in our world there is what most of us know as bribery, manipulation, and even injustice. Why? Continue reading “The Power of the Elders…”


Blood is always thicker…

Ever since we are born we are taught that family is everything, that blood is thinker than water. Yet sometimes we feel a hollow inside us, a hollowness that makes us feel that what we have been told is nothing but words. Is it us? Are we only looking for the things that others have? Or is the blood getting less thicker by the years? Continue reading “Blood is always thicker…”


When you were young you were always taught that Cinderella’s stepmother was the evil person in the story, how she made her work as her maid and treated in a very bad unfair way. And you probably wondered why would someone treat a person who’s like their own child so badly? Continue reading “Isabella”


Hello my fellow readers, recently I posted on my Instagram account that whoever has any questions for me they’re more than welcome to ask, even though I didn’t get that much feedback many people asks me in person about writing, therefore I decided to list the most frequent questions and answer them!

Question 1: When did you start writing?

I started on my first year of collage in 2012.

Question 2: What made you write in the first place?

Reading, reading made me fell in love with writing I was intrigued how a person like me create this new world or characters that makes me feel for their pains and emotions.

Question 3: Is it easy to write?

I would be a liar if I said it was, creating a new three dimensional character takes time let alone writing the scenes and actions and let’s not forget the plot!

Question 4: Are you writing another novel?

Yes! I’m happy to announce that I’ve started writing another novel that I hope everyone who enjoyed reading My Name Is Natalie will also enjoy it as well -available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble-.

Here are some of the questions I received via Instagram:

Question 1: What’s your favorite number?


Question 2: Where were you born?

I was born in Khobar City, Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Question 3: What drives you most money or achievements?

A little bit of both, if I achieved and exceeded a level I’ve been dreaming to excel and gain some money from my success I would be more enthusiast to achieve even more, raise the bar and challenge myself.

If you have any more questions I’m more than welcome to answer them, just leave them in the comments below or on my social media profiles 🙂

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