Back and forth…

The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

According to Wikipedia this is the definition of relationship. However, nowadays it has been differ from one person to another. Some say a relationship is being by the other person’s side when in need, others say is by how appreciated I am whether how many times I talk to them or the type of gifts I receive from them. Is it true? That the definition of a relationship is now defined by the number of calls, texts, or gifts I’m given to by that person? Or is it more about what direction that person guides me?  Continue reading “Back and forth…”

The Retarted Evolution…

Everyday, new Apps and technologies that helps us stay connected with our family and friends such as Skype, FaceTime, and social apps that has the voice and video features like What’sApp, Snapchat, Line, and many more… Thing thing is here in Saudi Arabia the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Commission sees that these Apps endanger the profit of the local networks. They have banned almost all the App features calming that it’s for “security” reasons. Recently they’ve banned the FaceTime calls, which is one of the main communications between abroad students and their families. People have protested on social media with hashtag

#هيئةـ الإتصالات ـ كفايةـ حجب

which means: Ministry of communication enough banning Continue reading “The Retarted Evolution…”

Istanbul Haul…


photo-sep-05-23-20-00I had my eyes on these Adidas Super Start Originals for so long and finally they are mine! the perfect classic white sneakers for any outfit

photo-sep-05-23-20-55This beautiful silk blouse from GIZIA with Swarovski element took my breath away, the feeling of it just amazing, looks amazing with a pair of dark denim jeans or black trousers.

photo-sep-05-23-21-58And of course I couldn’t go there without buying turkish accessories, these two necklaces are from Yargici, turkish shop that has a variety of beautiful statement necklaces.

img_4633Keeping best for last I got these two AMAZING perfumes from a mini shop called Lelas, turkish shop who’s has many signature smells one of them is the musk perfumes – the fury one – smells so great and light, and the other one is a rose oud that reminds me of the Armani Prive collection but much cheaper!

Trip to Turkey…

Hello my beloved ones! Here’s what I’ve been up to the last week on this trip;

Photo Aug 19, 16 34 25On Aug, 19th I went to Via Land with a friends of mine and had a blast! I highly recommend playing the 360 and the red roller coster

Photo Aug 22, 14 23 23The day after we went to Pelit Chocolate factory, DELICIOUS! Chocolate was literally every where, this is a chocolate tap made of chocolate!

Photo Aug 22, 14 36 48And of course they made some of their famous mosques, this is Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Photo Aug 22, 14 36 04

The Blue Mosque

Photo Aug 22, 14 38 39Animal shapes

Photo Aug 22, 14 40 40Some of the most famous European people, Pablo Picasso

Photo Aug 22, 14 41 07Van Gogh

Photo Aug 22, 14 41 30And Mona Lisa

I’ll be back home tomorrow 😦 If you guys wish to see Istanbul haul tell me in the comments below!