Tathreeb (Tedious) 

      Hello my lovely readers and happy Friday!

Tathreeb (Tedious) is the second book by the author Sultan AlMousa, it a continuous but more deeper than (Better Words) it shows the types if religions and how some of the non-muslim books were misinterpreted by some priests and reverends to make it more liking to them or because of methodological reasons that made them believe other than what’s really is…

As always Sultan has impressively written an amazing book with a style that intrigues you and make it harder for the reader to put the book down..

However, I’ve noticed that a lot of readers weren’t impressed by it and one of the reasons why is that some had thought it was very similar to (Better Words). Maybe they had a very high expectation -God knows- but to me his writing style is and forever will be one of my favorites

Goodreads: 5/5

Unfortunately there’s no English version of this book yet…