Back and forth…

The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

According to Wikipedia this is the definition of relationship. However, nowadays it has been differ from one person to another. Some say a relationship is being by the other person’s side when in need, others say is by how appreciated I am whether how many times I talk to them or the type of gifts I receive from them. Is it true? That the definition of a relationship is now defined by the number of calls, texts, or gifts I’m given to by that person? Or is it more about what direction that person guides me?  Continue reading “Back and forth…”


The Retarted Evolution…

Everyday, new Apps and technologies that helps us stay connected with our family and friends such as Skype, FaceTime, and social apps that has the voice and video features like What’sApp, Snapchat, Line, and many more… Thing thing is here in Saudi Arabia the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Commission sees that these Apps endanger the profit of the local networks. They have banned almost all the App features calming that it’s for “security” reasons. Recently they’ve banned the FaceTime calls, which is one of the main communications between abroad students and their families. People have protested on social media with hashtag

#هيئةـ الإتصالات ـ كفايةـ حجب

which means: Ministry of communication enough banning Continue reading “The Retarted Evolution…”

The Power of the Elders…

In each place we go there’s always someone whose in charge of their surroundings, a manager, a director, a chief, and a parent. All of them have the higher power to their people they can never be disobeyed or break any rules that is set by them. If so there are consequences, punishments for each behavior that was inappropriate. However, in our world there is what most of us know as bribery, manipulation, and even injustice. Why? Continue reading “The Power of the Elders…”


Blood is always thicker…

Ever since we are born we are taught that family is everything, that blood is thinker than water. Yet sometimes we feel a hollow inside us, a hollowness that makes us feel that what we have been told is nothing but words. Is it us? Are we only looking for the things that others have? Or is the blood getting less thicker by the years? Continue reading “Blood is always thicker…”