Hello my fellow readers, recently I posted on my Instagram account that whoever has any questions for me they’re more than welcome to ask, even though I didn’t get that much feedback many people asks me in person about writing, therefore I decided to list the most frequent questions and answer them!

Question 1: When did you start writing?

I started on my first year of collage in 2012.

Question 2: What made you write in the first place?

Reading, reading made me fell in love with writing I was intrigued how a person like me create this new world or characters that makes me feel for their pains and emotions.

Question 3: Is it easy to write?

I would be a liar if I said it was, creating a new three dimensional character takes time let alone writing the scenes and actions and let’s not forget the plot!

Question 4: Are you writing another novel?

Yes! I’m happy to announce that I’ve started writing another novel that I hope everyone who enjoyed reading My Name Is Natalie will also enjoy it as well -available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble-.

Here are some of the questions I received via Instagram:

Question 1: What’s your favorite number?


Question 2: Where were you born?

I was born in Khobar City, Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Question 3: What drives you most money or achievements?

A little bit of both, if I achieved and exceeded a level I’ve been dreaming to excel and gain some money from my success I would be more enthusiast to achieve even more, raise the bar and challenge myself.

If you have any more questions I’m more than welcome to answer them, just leave them in the comments below or on my social media profiles 🙂

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October Favorites!

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Hello Everyone! As of today I’m going to post a monthly favorites for you to go and try.

For the month of October I have some beauty and non-beauty stuff to share; First I have the PORE-fessional: Agent zero shine from benefits, this loose powder is absolutely STUNNING! It doesn’t cake underneath your eyes and gives you that velvety smooth finish. Next is the Nars multipurpose makeup stick in Laos, I use it as a cream blush and it’s wonderful it’s not sticky nor heavy on the skin and had a beautiful scent. Then – my most favorite of the beauty product!- is the Bobbi Brown creamy semi-matte lipstick is Brown, this is my most favorite nude lipstick to wear – and has a smell that you’d dye for!- it’s full coverage and not transparent at all plus it so moisturizing that you’ll rarely have a chapped lip. Now to perfumes; this is one of my favorite Tom Ford perfumes – one of three of the collections I have- in *Sahara Noir this perfume on it’s own is gorgeous and if you mix it with one of your other fav perfumes the result is gonna be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!. Finally the product I’ve been waiting for months to get my hands on is the Arabisque Pattern iPhone case by Arabbella, ever since I saw this case on Society6 website I’ve been dying to get me some – and finally I had-. I’ll link every product to a website so you can get your own and enjoy it. Happy weekend my lovely ones!

*Unfortunately the perfume is out of stock on most of the beauty shops I’ve searched online 😦